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Elithis NTEA

Off-plan acquisition under a forward purchase contract of a mixed-use positive energy building (housing, offices and shops).

The building is located in the town of Dijon, more precisely a few minutes’ walk from the Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie et du Vin in the Arsenal eco-district. The “Jean Jaurès” tramway station on the T2 line is at the foot of the project and provides quick and direct access to the city centre (20 minutes) and the Dijon TGV station (15 minutes). The building will consist of offices, commercial premises and 59 residential units with a total surface area of approximately 4,500 m².

The building is currently being developed by a French engineering and real estate group, a leader in energy and environmental efficiency in France.

The main objective of the technology developed for this project is to produce more energy than it consumes by means of photovoltaic panels placed on the façade and roof. The building will also offer intelligent housing through connected solutions, home automation and digital applications that will aim to minimise the energy consumption of their occupants. Finally, the building will have interior and exterior common areas that will be located on the upper floors and will contribute to creating a real community within building complex.

The asset will be delivered in the 2nd quarter of 2023.
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  • Surface 4 700 m²
  • Number of lots 63
  • Volume of investment 16 M€
  • Strategy Core
  • Client type Pan-European investment fund