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Transgenerational residence Lille

Assistance and advice for the acquisition of a transgenerational managed residence which was delivered at the end of 2021. This off-market investment opportunity was previously held by individual investors who had started to operate a residence for seniors.

This 95-unit building is located in Lille intramuros and close to the cosmopolitan district of Wazemmes, well known and appreciated for its Halles. The residence is also close to the Lille University Hospital, its Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, the main medical research institutes and numerous educational establishments (ISEG, the Catholic University of Lille and the University of Legal and Political Sciences).

After analysing the local demand and the type of housing in this operation, a concept of intergenerational residence around the theme of health has been implemented in order to offer housing to seniors but also to medical students or researchers and doctoral students.

A national operator willing to deploy this type of concept was identified and a 12-year commercial lease contract was signed for the operation of the residence.
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  • Surface 3 300 m²
  • Number of lots 95
  • Volume of investment NC
  • Strategy Core
  • Client type Pan-European investment fund